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Ana Krajinovic
2 min readMar 17, 2023


A lot of my writing on Medium is autobiographical and based on my personal experiences. I’m sure you will be able to get to know who I am by reading my stories and comics. However, I rarely show my face and talk about my deeper motivations and life philosophy (or when I do, those posts don’t get too many views, oh well…). That is why I am sharing this more personal interview with you (see below) and a few links where you can find my work.

My interview

I was interviewed by MakeStoryboard, where I talked about my comics, linguistic research, and my creative process. I explain why I create comics and how they help me process life experiences, as well as how science and art together help me make sense of reality.

If you scrolled down my Medium profile, you can probably tell I am interested in many different topics. That is also why my social media presence is all over the place and might look slightly different on different platforms. In the interview, you can see that in my mind all these things are connected…

Where to follow my work

Here are some of these online spots where you can follow me and my work:

Medium: anakrajinovic.medium.com (obviously!)

My newsletter: anakrajinovic.substack.com (comics-oriented but includes news about new posts too)

My professional website: anakrajinovic.com (trying to look all professional as an academic and a creator)

Twitter: twitter.com/AnaKrajinovic1 (didn’t think about my username so I’m stuck with that “1” in there)

Instagram: instagram.com/anacomics (posting even though the algorithm hates me)

My comics on Tapas: tapas.io/series/Why-are-you-red-and-blue (a platform for comics nerds)

My Medium publications

“Ana’s Stories” is sort of like my main publication where I write primarily about autobiographical stories, usually including some advice or humor in comics about psychology, mental health, and ADHD.

“Bedtime stories for adults and children” is my storytelling publication, where I usually publish more emotional comics about life, love, and loss.

“Language explained” is my open-access publication about language and linguistics, which I ambitiously imagined as breaking new ground in linguistics outreach (sigh). I’m planning to make it more regular in the near future, so stay tuned. :)

Hope to see you around! If you like what I do, let me know by clapping and commenting :)




Ana Krajinovic

A linguist and comic researcher, PhD, and comic creator writing about mental health, languages, creativity, and life stuff (also on anakrajinovic.substack.com)