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Did you know that making comics can make you feel better?

A comic panel created by the author, Ana Krajinović (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Comic journaling or daily comics are usually made for others to read. Even more so, they are usually made by “artists”. But what if I told you that you don’t need to be an artist to make funny comics that can help your mental health? What if you just take the stressor that is making you sad and anxious and make fun of it? Bad drawing skills are welcome and no one even has to see it!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I am not a mental health professional…


3 facts you didn’t know about linguistics. Told in comics.

Created by the author (representing me doing linguistic fieldwork).

As a linguist, I often get asked what linguists do. I also came across many misconceptions about linguistics. From “speaking a lot of languages” to “being very good at grammar”, I usually have to explain why none of these apply to me. So here it is! Below I debunk a few myths and I support these explanations with my Lego comics.

One thing to note though is that the word “linguist” is used in a somewhat different way in industry, or non-academic fields, where it can refer to almost anything…

An ode to my grandma, who was a superhero.

Taken by the author.

The 3 skills for incredible lives

I asked in the title if superheroes can die. The answer is no. They cannot because their legacy is so big that they never truly leave us. And the legacy of my grandma is showing everyone who knew her the three skills for leading incredible lives:

  • First superpower: Accept your life as it is.
  • Second superpower: Recognize everything good in your life and celebrate it with all your heart.
  • Third superpower: Recognize everything that is wrong and unjust in your life and fight against it with all your heart.

My grandma…


Almost TV-worthy family situations made into comics, featuring our obsession with pancakes, Harry Potter, pebbles, and free stuff.

Created by the author.

Every family has its quirks, I know. But my family has such a unique combination of endearment and insanity that it would merit being made into a sitcom of the “Malcolm in the Middle” type. Since the sitcom never materialized, here are some comic depictions of our best moments.

Dear readers,

Thank you for signing up for Ana’s stories, my publication and the monthly newsletter where I share some of my best and most recent realizations about pretty much anything in life. Ana’s stories started out as a very personal comic journaling practice that I kept for myself for a few years, and now they have transformed into my writing on Medium. My pandemic hobby of making Lego comics has also found its home here. I am so glad I get to share these stories with you!

First version of Ana’s stories (photo by me).

Here are my articles linked and organized by topics, in case you…

5 simple tips on how to develop your unique artistic voice in writing

Created by the author.

While reading the book “Find Your Artistic Voice” by Lisa Congdon, I realized what makes certain writers stand out. They have a distinct voice! In the same way, your unique way of looking at the world and your experiences can become your artistic voice that sets you apart from other writers.

What is an artistic voice?

Lisa Congdon writes:

Your artistic voice is your own point of view as an artist. It includes your particular style […], your skill, your subject matter, your medium, and the consistency with which you use all of these things. It reflects your unique perspective, life experience, identity, and values…

Ana K.

A linguist, PhD and a comic creator writing about mental health, languages, and pop culture.

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